Wild thing Wednesday is a friendly reminder to watch your step with the red-bellied snake.  These tiny reptiles are only the size of a pencil when fully grown and are easy to overlook by even the most watchful eyes.  Red bellied snakes feed on soft bodied invertebrates and can be a very beneficial backyard visitor due to their tendency to eat various pesky garden snails.  These snakes are abundant on our trail system, and often come onto the impoundments, parking lots, and driveways to catch some extra sun in the fall and spring.  Unfortunately, this often results in many snakes being unintentionally driven over or stepped on, so be sure to keep a sharp lookout for small critters that could be quite literally underfoot.  These small snakes are always a fun sighting, and we hope that you can see them happy and healthy on your next Horicon adventure.
Photo Credit: Caleb Jenks