Due to COVID-19, no on-site programs will be offered at this time. However, WDNR staff are offering live virtual learning opportunities for schools and civic organizations.

Learn with Us

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Horicon Marsh Wildlife Education Program offers fun and exciting ways to explore the worlds of science and environmental education while meeting state academic standards. There are now classes offered in the winter and summer months too!

All programs are free, though donations are appreciated!


April and May 2021 Programming

April and May’s new theme will be all about Pond Study.  Explore the connections between land and water as we explore the importance of healthy wetlands, ponds, streams and rivers.  See some unusual and interesting aquatic critters up close and practice your scientific observational skills as we identify some critters from local streams and ponds.  Learn how local actions can have big impacts on habitat health, and recognize indicators of healthy areas.  Worksheets and outdoor activities will be included as well!

A virtual Hunt for Habitats will be offered for May.  We will be hosting Wetland Yoga throughout the year as a way to incorporate some calming mindfulness with fun wetland facts sprinkled in.  For 5th-12th grade our “History, Ecology and Management of Horicon Marsh” will be offered throughout the school year.

Don’t forget that we are also conducting training for schools, grade level groups or individual teachers on the “Benefits of Outdoor Learning: Turning Your Classroom Inside Out”.  This can be done at any time of the year and may be useful for those schools trying to determine how to incorporate outdoor learning into your reopening plans.

All programs are free.  Donations to the Friends of Horicon Marsh are accepted.  We appreciate all you are doing this year and please know we are here to help you along your journey!

Please plan for 45 minutes but we can certainly accommodate other timeframes, if needed. We can adapt this lesson to grades K-8. To set up a live session, please contact Liz Herzmann at 920-387-7893 or elizabeth.herzmann@wisconsin.gov.

Interactive Trunks

The Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area has three interpretive trunks that can be reserved for up to two weeks. Teachers, scout leaders and other educators are welcome to borrow them.

Pick up and drop off times are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment at the Horicon Marsh Education & Visitor Center.

To reserve a trunk, please contact Liz Herzmann at 920-387-7893 or elizabeth.herzmann@wisconsin.gov.

The Closer Look at Whooping Cranes trunk provides information about whooping crane ecology and biology, details the story of the whooping cranes’ decline and reintroduction, and 14 hands-on activities to share with students. The education trunk contains teaching tools such as crane skull, egg, and bone replicas as well as the isolation rearing costumes worn by biologists who raise whooping crane chicks in captivity.

The trunk was developed for students in grades 4–8, but the activities can be adapted for students of all ages and adults.

The Wisconsin Mammals trunk is designed to teach youth about the state’s wealth of mammals, their natural history and management. This self-contained education trunk consists of an interdisciplinary curriculum paired with hands-on materials and audiovisuals. The trunk includes pelts, skulls, track molds, pictures, videos, books and games that emphasize some of Wisconsin’s most popular — and several misunderstood — mammal species. Also included is a 16-program curriculum covering such topics as Mammals and Their Signs, Trail Tracker and The Story of Wildlife Management.

The lesson plans are intended for school children from kindergarten through 10th grade, and all are correlated to Wisconsin Department of Instruction state academic standards.

Two trunks comprise the World of the Whitetail education program. Twenty-four different hands-on activities explore subjects such as biology, ecology, wildlife management, social studies, history, math, reading and creative writing.

World of Whitetail was developed for students in grades 6–8.