Wildflowers for Wildlife (Horicon National Wildlife Refuge Hwy. Z)

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At this time the 2021 Wildflowers for Wildlife sale will be a pre-order pick-up ONLY.  Additional plant sale may take place if pandemic conditions allow on pick-up day. Please be sure to check websites or Facebook for updates. You will be contacted to arrange best time.

Learn how to create a beautiful garden with colorful flowers that attract butterflies, birds and pollinating insects, and find the plants to use. Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and Visitor Center is the location for the 2021 Wildflowers for Wildlife event Saturday, May 15 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The 8th annual “Wildflowers for Wildlife: enhancing your own backyard” is sponsored by the Friends of Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center and Friends of Horicon NWR. They have partnered with Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries and Applied Ecological Services for a native plant sale that will help enhance your backyard, schoolyard, park or natural area and in turn, benefit wildlife.

Why native plants? Native landscaping restores ecosystems that once covered the Midwestern landscape but are now reduced to small parcels. Once native plants are restored, the birds, mammals, reptiles and beneficial insects return too. Native plants also enrich the soil, decrease run-off and filter pollution. In the long run, native landscaping can save money annually in maintenance costs. Native plants have evolved to thrive in a local environment, which means less watering, fertilizer and time.

Native landscapes offer hands-on opportunities for people of all ages to learn about habitats and ecosystems. A native landscape also provides the ideal setting for bird and butterfly watching, photography and nature walks.

Native plants are available for pre-order until March 26, 2021. At this time, plants will NOT be for sale the day of the event.    Pre-order forms can be found here. 2021 Wildflowers for Wildlife pre-order formFD

For more information about plants, call (920) 923-6891 or e-mail fohnwr@yahoo.com.  Contact 920-387-7893 for more information about the event.

Additional information about plants that are available for pre-sale can be found here. pre-sale tags

The refuge visitor center is located off County Road Z about 3.5 miles south of State Highway 49.

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