Horicon Marsh Bird Club Meeting

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Join the Horicon Marsh Bird Club, Thursday, November 16th at 6:30pm in the auditorium at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center on Highway 28. Our virtual speaker will be Clinton Dexter-Nienhaus, Head Naturalist for the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog.

The Sax-Zim Bog is a well-known bird watching area located in northern Minnesota. This vast area, over 147,000 acres, is perhaps best known for winter bird watching opportunities, especially for those folks interested in braving subzero temperatures for owls, finches, and other boreal forest specialists. However, this is a location that has amazing year-round biodiversity across an incredibly diverse landscape! This talk will serve as a good introduction to the Sax-Zim Bog, will consider the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog organization, and discover some of the birds and other critters that call this place home through the coldest winter weather and warmest summer sun.

Clinton Dexter-Nienhaus is the Head Naturalist for the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog. He has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology from St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN, as well as a Master’s in Environmental Education from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. His interests range far and wide, and like many naturalists, loves anything and everything about the natural world.

Specific interests include conservation of rare and endangered species, prairie and bog ecosystems, odonates, orthoptera, moths,
spiders, lichens, mosses, fish, amphibians and reptiles…. the list goes on!
If you would prefer to join this meeting on Zoom, please pre-register at https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZYldu2tqDkqHtEUEyL9yGrM8hADP…

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