Despite the cold and dreary weather there is plenty of birding to be had and with the forecast calling for some warmer temps the rest of the week there may be more chances to catch birds on their spring migration route!
With the warmer winds rolling in Tuesday evening and lowered water levels at our I-3 system (Impoundment 3, See included map for location specification) the conditions may be right to appeal to migrating birds for a stopover.
Horicon Marsh Bird Club Migration update from 04/30/2023: Shorebirds are showing up in Dodge County along with some waterbirds. Black-necked stilts at I-3 impoundment on the state end of Horicon Marsh. With an Eared Grebe (shown) and a Long-tailed duck along Hwy 49 on the north end. White-throated sparrow are here and a few towhees too. The first few goslings are showing up now. Lots of Bonaparte gulls the past few days.